Final task: Recording an audio series episode

We, the class of TL2, had to record our own episodes of a fantasy audio series. Our productions were the first episode. We worked in groups of four.

Step 1

We got to know the audio series genre and did some research on the Internet.

Step 2

Each group discussed to agree on the different elements of the story:

– the hero (name, sex, race, age, appearance, origins, strength and weaknesses…) and his/her companions;

– the villain(s) (name, sex, race, powers, what he/she has done…);

– a depiction of the environment and the original situation;

– the disruptive element that drives the hero to take action; the hero’s goal, what he/she is going to do to defeat the villain…)

– the obstacle(s) the hero and his/her companions overcome in our episode.

Step 3

We wrote the script of our episode. We mixed dialogues and off-voice comments to make our story clearer. We agreed on who played which part, and practised acting!

Step 4

We recorded our episode, and added music and sound effects to make our recording more dynamic !

Here three of those recordings. We hope you will enjoy them!

Recording n°1

Recording n°2

Recording n°3