Dans le cadre des cours d’Anglais, les élèves de l’établissement peuvent échanger et travailler avec Emily, notre assistante américaine. En Seconde, les élèves de M. Thuilier ont rédigé une biographie d’Emily qui a relu ces travaux. Les deux biographies qu’elle préfère sont publiées dans la suite de cet article.

Biographie rédigée par Julia Laboulais et Apolline Poirier (2GT4)

She’s called Emily Stollman. She lives in the United States of America, in Pennsylvania, in a small town. She was born in China. She has a young sister. She has a dog who is called Finn, and two cats, Mister Bean and Juni.

She’s a language assistant, and she is working in France for the year. She studied in a College in Vermont. She graduated.

She likes France and French food like cheese, but this is difficult for her to speak French.

She has many hobbies: she likes reading, drawing;  she likes biking, she likes pop and rap.

She would like to learn how to play the piano, if she had the opportunity.

She watches Netflix : the Daily Show and the Cable girls. She enjoys traveling: she went to Florida, Chicago, Colorado and Kansas.

She lives next to the Amish, but she’s not friend with them.  She doesn’t know if the Amish are cool, but she knows that Amish women wear bonnets, that they all wear old clothes, so they are old-fashioned. The Amish do dog trafficking.

If she had the opportunity, she would live in the Amish community but only for a week.

Biographie rédigée par Mathis Deldycke, Lilou Paris, Paul Guillerme et Arwen Oguez 2GT1/2GT2


We are going to speak about Emily, a teaching assistant in France.

To start with, she lives in Pennsylvania and at the moment, she is working in France. She was born in China and she has got a younger sister. Her name is Anna and she is 19 years old. She has got two cats, Mrs Bean and Juny and a dog named Finn.

To continue, she likes Rap and Hip-hop. She studied in Green Mountain College. She loves Mexican, Indian and French foods, sushi, and she is a vegetarian.

In addition, she lives next to an Amish community. She already met Amish people but she thinks they are strange and old-fashioned. She isn’t friend with them. She would be ready to try the Amish lifestyle for one week.

She likes to read, ride a bike or watch series on Netflix. She likes in particular Las chicas del cable and she watches The Daily show.

She also likes French people.

Furthermore, she travels by car in general because traveling by train is very long in the United States.

To finish, she would like to play piano and she likes to live in France because French people are very nice, in general.